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June 4, 2008

More On Intrade And Reality Markets

I published a post on Midas Oracle that has some more details on our relationship with Intrade. Here is an excerpt:

On Wednesday, RealityMarkets.com and Intrade announced a collaboration agreement, the center of which was the announcement of Standard Markets. The press release to the announcement is linked below but I wanted to use this post to talk a little bit more about what was behind the collaboration.

The rest is here: Reality Markets and InTrade announce collaboration

June 10, 2008

Some Site Changes

I've updated the index names in the navigation menu while still preserving the longer name when you view the index. I'm hoping this improves the navigation and makes it easier to find things at a glance. Let me know what you think.

I've also changed around some html so if anything looks weird let me know.


June 11, 2008

Prizes Are Back

tuesday.pngFor those that have been trading for a while you'll remember I used to do prizes on RealityMarkets and that I've also been saying for a while that prizes would be returning. They are back today. Right now I am giving away 3, $10 gift certificates to iTunes to the top 3 traders from the last 14 days as of the trading close on Tuesday. The list is attached.

Going forward I hope to do smaller prizes to more people more frequently than just one large prize every few months. I also want to give prizes away for different categories, ie most trades, biggest loser, most referrals, etc. At this point I'm not quite sure if I am going to do formal contests or just do random dates.

Let me know what you think about contest dates and anything else.

June 26, 2008

Stock Sorter

I've added a stock sorter to the Stock Listing Page. Check it out and let me know if you want any more sort categories or improvements.

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