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May 4, 2007

US Unemployment Rate for April

RealityMarkets.com traders correctly predicted that the US Unemployment Rate would increase for April. An increase was trading at $4.69 while a decrease was trading at $3.90 a share. An April increase traded above a decrease for the entire length of the contracts.

May 5, 2007

New NBA Championship Stocks

New stocks and indexes to predict the 2007 NBA Champions.

NBA Round One Results

RealityMarkets.com traders correctly picked Utah(by $.55) and Toronto(by $.22) to win the 7th game to win their first round series. It was close, but then so was the series.

May 6, 2007

Stock Index Widgets

I've created RealityMarkets.com stock widgets for the indexes. The widgets will show the top five stocks in an index and also show a little description of the index. These widgets can be placed pretty much anywhere on the web, home pages, myspace pages, blogs, etc. To add a widget, click the Get Widget button below the stock charts on an index page. You will be taken to WidgetBox where you can fill in the details of where you want to put it.

Here's an example:

May 7, 2007

2007 NBA Draft Stocks

New index and stocks for picking the top 2007 NBA draft pick.

Index: 2007 NBA Top Draft Pick

May 9, 2007

New NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinal Stocks

New NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinal stocks.

Index: NBA Playoffs Conference Semifinals

CFL Teams Grey Cup Winner Stocks

New stocks to predict the CFL Grey Cup winner.

Index: CFL Teams Grey Cup Winner

May 10, 2007

NHL Playoffs Conference Championship Stocks

Added NHL Playoffs Conference Championship stocks today.

Anaheim-Detroit Detroit Win
Anaheim-Detroit Anaheim Win
Ottawa-Buffalo Buffalo Win
Ottawa-Buffalo Ottawa Win

NHL Playoffs Conference Championships

May 17, 2007

Playoff Results

How are we doing picking the second round of the NBA Playoffs? So far so good. The Detroit Pistons and Utah Jazz were both picked to win from almost the get go. As for the remaining teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers are leading the New Jersey Nets by about $7 and the Phoenix Suns have a slight edge on the San Antonio Spurs. I guess a 3 point victory at the wire over a depleted Phoenix Suns wasn't enough to impress anyone.

May 18, 2007

New Features

There are two new features I want to highlight for everyone.

1. Order fill prices have been modified so that prices are filled between the start of the movement and the end of the movement. For instance in the old method, if a stock last traded at 10 and you bought it the price would go to 20 and your order would be filled at 20. Now if the stock trades at 10 and goes to 20 your order will be filled around 15. This also allows people to buy stock and be able to sell it back without a loss provided the orders are the same size. This should help to encourage some more risk taking in the stock buying.

2. You can now send private messages to each other. It's very basic at the moment but I will start adding more features to it. When viewing your list of messages there is a new button to send a message. Start entering the trader name you want to send the message to and it will start auto completing the form. If there are any problems let me know.

May 23, 2007

American Idol Results

It looks like we did it again. RealityMarkets.com traders predicted that Jordin Sparks would be the American Idol winner. In fact, if you look at the graph, Jordin was on top from the beginning of it all. It's interesting to see the accuracy of the predictions even in stocks like these that have low trading volume vs some of the more popular stocks.


May 26, 2007

Dancing With The Stars Results

Traders on RealityMarkets.com also correctly predicted that Apolo Anton Ohno would win Dancing With The Stars. Ohno was also in the lead since the beginning of the competition. Nice work.


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