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Dick Cheney Allows Oversight December 2008 (All Stocks | | )

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Will Dick Cheney allow oversight by the National Archives' Information Security Oversight Office?

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DiscoDuck on 08/08/07 - Cheney's total contempt for the checks
DiscoDuck on 08/08/07 - Bush admin first began undermining public right to know with refusal to provide info on Cheney's Enery Task Force. Cheney later pushed Bush to undermine Geneva, rescind habeas corpus,
DiscoDuck on 08/08/07 - Cheney is the architect behind the Bush admin's campaign of obsessive secrecy, propagand,
DiscoDuck on 08/08/07 - Cheney believes that the US Consitution should be overthrown. He does not believe in checks
DiscoDuck on 08/08/07 - Cheney won't allow oversight because THAT would uncover their many crimes. Cheney openly opposes all Consitutional checks on executive power (including all oversight by the legislative and judicial branch). Cheney doesn't believe in the Consitution.
DiscoDuck on 08/08/07 - Cheney will NEVER allow oversight of any White House activities. Cheney believes that gov't actions should be secretive and accountable to no one. There should be a HELL FREEZES OVER stock, because (in my humble opinion) that would be more likely!