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Site Updates and New Stocks

Starting on Friday, December 14 there is a new trading system in place as well as other updates to RealityMarkets.com.  Some of the changes include:

1. Stocks now will follow a more predictable range, 0 - 100.
2. Stock prices now directly reflect prediction; i.e. $67.5 Remars = 67.5% Probability.
3. Stocks payout at 100 if they happen, 0 if they don't.
4. Improved trade screen.
5. Improved charts.
6. Better Indexes
7. New stocks with more on the way!

As a result of these significant changes, the impact those changes will have on the prices, and the absurd amounts some stocks and players have achieved, we will be resetting everyone's portfolios back to $2,000,000 Remars on Sunday, December 16 after everyone has had some time to play with the new system. While we realize some people will be upset with this decision, we feel it will be best for everyone in the long run and will lead to a more enjoyable game.


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