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Site Updates and New Stocks

Lately people have been inquiring as to what the status of RealityMarkets.com is and so I thought it would be best if I update everyone here. The short answer is RealityMarkets.com isn't going anywhere and will shortly be getting a pretty significant internal update that is already being tested.

The longer answer is that RealityMarkets.com has grown to a point where the systemsas it was originally designed is longer working properly. Witness the accounts with trillions of dollars and stock prices in the thousands of dollars. As a result of the unrealistic prices, share volumes and most importantly, the predictions, RealityMarkets.com will be under going a stock reset as well as an account reset to coincide with the new system coming online.

There will also be some changes to how stock prices move with the update and I will expand on that as we get closer to the new system rollout.


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